What makes a good adaptive learning experience?

A good adaptive learning experience can be achieved through personalization, customization and modification based on feedback and insights. Each student’s needs are different and so are their expectations from a learning program. The task of the adaptive learning platform is to adapt to the needs of individual students and provide them a good learning experience.

An e-learning platform should focus on effective sequencing of a curriculum so that a student’s learning experience proceeds in a step-by-step manner. Learning process is always a series of ascending stages, of which none can be skipped. An effective adaptive learning platform successfully creates a perfect learning ladder. Further the pace at which students learn vary from one another. A learning strategy should therefore be adaptive enough to adjust to the pace of each student’s learning. The learning experience will be meaningful only if the learning platform ensures that every student’s progress through the learning system happens only after they master what they are currently learning.

An adaptive learning platform must also take into consideration every student’s prior knowledge base before letting the students embark on their learning journey.  If the learning platform fails to take this into account, it will end up providing either a frustrating experience to the beginners or a boring experience to the intermediate learners. The student’s desired learning goals will depend on his/ her current knowledge base and a good adaptive learning experience can only be created if the learning program is tailored to enable every student to make a steady academic progress towards their learning goals.

An e-learning platform will fall short of its main purpose if it cannot keep the student engaged. Learning process takes a lot of dedication and commitment from the side of the learners to be effective. A learning experience needs to be motivating and enjoyable to keep learners engaged.  The e-learning strategy must not confine itself to directing and instructing students so that they can proceed, but should also promote interactive learning by which students are made to think by themselves especially with regard to problem solving.

Finally, an adaptive learning platform should retrieve data based on student responses and feedback and get insights from them. These analytics should be used to modify the elements of the adaptive learning platform so that the learning strategy is a dynamic one, always striving to provide a good learning experience.