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System Integration Services

Integrating disparate learning management tools and platforms for optimal cost efficiencies and performance.

Core areas of expertise

  • Integration with SCORM packages
  • SCORM conversion services
  • Learning Tool integration
  • SIS integration
  • SSO integration
  • eBook and CMS integration
  • Library system integration
  • Payment system integration
  • Learning Analytics tools integration
  • Adaptive Learning tools integration
  • Rubrics and Grading tools integration
  • Cloud services integration
  • Google Apps & Google Classroom integration


  • LTI
  • Tin Can
  • QTI
  • Shibboleth
  • CAS

Customer Success at The largest online University in the world

Integration with Assessment Engine

The problem

One of the key component of an LMS system is the Assessment /Quiz Management System to deliver formative and summative assessment to students taking the study courses. A flexible Assessment engine is particularly important to provide personalized quizzes to students. Building such a system internally was expensive and the client decided to use a commercial off-the-shelf quiz engine called Cognero.


One of the main challenges posed by the client was that their LMS platform is built on Java/J2EE technologies while the Cognero was built on Microsoft .Net technologies. Thus integration as well as hosting the solution itself was challenging. Besides, there are many “gluing” functionalities missing from Cognero that need to be built as well. Moreover, while Cognero had most of the business level functionalities required by the client, it did not have API-level integration built-in, to integrate with systems like LMS.

The solution

Impelsys engineers worked closely with the client engineering team to accomplish the following:

  • Build a flexible API layer on the Cognero side
  • Architect and implement a flexible and customizable Assessment Proxy to service the API to the LMS platform
  • Build a sharding framework to scale the backend quizzing engine