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Elearning Providers

Experienced team of subject matter experts, architects, developers and testers for the development of cutting-­edge Learning Technology Products. Flexible and scalable Engagement Models.

Core areas of expertise

Learning Management System & Platform

  • Syllabus services
  • Learning Activity Repository
  • Quiz/Assessment
  • Roster
  • Assignment services
  • Grading services
  • Activity streams
  • Single Sign-­on and Authorization
  • Tool integration services
  • Course provisioning
  • Content Management Systems
  • Reporting

Adaptive Learning Products

A core team of engineers and cognitive scientists with top­-notch skill-sets spanning all facets of developing adaptive learning products ­ from coding and building cognitive tutor components to re-factoring existing components for mobile devices.

  • Cognitive Tutor development
  • Cognitive Science based models
  • Mobile User Interface development
  • Back-end systems development

Quiz Builder

  • Dynamic content support
  • QTI compliance and reporting

Curriculum Builder

  • Versioning
  • External tool configuration
  • Quiz Authoring
  • Learning activity repository to store canned Learning activities
  • Support for course preview
  • Support for license contents
  • Extensible Course authoring work-flow including quality check
  • SCORM packaging

Customer Success at Leading Learning Product company

Client profile
The client is a major US-­based publisher of mathematics curricula aligned with Common Core or Integrated pathway. Their products include maths textbooks with student-centered, collaborative classroom activities along with innovative, adaptive software and teacher professional development.

Impelsys and its cohort of partners have been providing the client with a range of outsourced engineering services for over 3 years now.
One of the key projects to which Impelsys contributed, involved re-factoring of an existing maths tutoring system geared at higher education learners to meet the following goals:

  • Rework the tutoring system originally designed for delivery via desktops into a modern architecture to be compatible with mobile devices and touch interfaces.
  • Remove client-­side dependencies on Java in favour of a flexible and cost-­efficient architecture and design using modern technologies like HTML5
  • Bring the core product up to accessibility / ADA compliance standards

The tutoring system is built on cognitive models that represent the student’s internal knowledge model about a given mathematics topic. The software assesses the student’s prior knowledge to present tasks and offer feedback tailored to each student’s individual skill level.
Development of tutoring system has three integral components, and Impelsys has been a key contributor to all three of these:

Key Components of Adaptive Learning

1.Cognitive science
The primary task of the cognitive scientist is to develop cognitive models of mathematical concepts and tasks. A cognitive model defines the problem space and all of the on-path and off-path steps. It drives the contextual help on each step and also controls other functionality, such as skill movement, revealing new content, Just in Time help, etc.. As part of the refactoring project, cognitive models that were formerly LISP based tutors were converted to Java. Accessibility accommodations were incorporated into the design of the product to bring it to be compatible with ADA standards.

2. UI design and development
This user interface presents mathematical problem to the student, and gives them a set of steps to follow to solve the problem. This UI code knows how to communicate with the tutor back-end about the nature of the student’s activities.

3. Back end development
The back end developers write construction code that takes the input problem data and the Cog Models from the Cognitive Scientist Team and outputs this data a file that is used at runtime.

The Impelsys Advantage
Impelsys created a solution that helped ramp up the refactoring project, by utilizing offshore resources, as well as resources embedded within the core team. Impelsys is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive outsourcing services, because of its strengths in all core areas of adaptive learning – cognitive science, UI design, and back end development.