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Trusted partner for architecting and developing multi-­tenant learning platforms hosting very large learning communities for market leaders in online learning and higher education space.

Core Areas Of Expertise In Custom Elearning Development

Curriculum Builder

  • Authoring workflow tools like Quiz authoring
  • Versioning support
  • Role based support
  • SCORM & LTI support
  • Compliance Tools


  • Goal and Competency based Learning
  • Extensive & Flexible course structuring
  • Customizable Units
  • Versioning features
  • SCORM packaging and playback
  • Dynamic editing by faculty
  • Dashboard for integrating course material
  • Designing Learning Activities
  • Support for multiple course modalities like online, ground, flex.


  • Course level and Social level collaboration
  • Activity Level collaboration
  • Student ­ Faculty one­-on­-one interaction
  • Learning Teams

Assessments & Grading

  • Formative assessment
  • Summative assessment
  • Customizable Rubrics
  • Building extensive & Flexible Grading Tools
  • Tools to support flexible rules for tracking student participation
  • Plagiarism and anti-virus checks for assignments


  • LTI & Custom Integration with 3​rd party tools
  • Integration with SIS & Course Scheduling systems
  • Integration with eBooks, eLibraries and multimedia content
  • Integration with student life-cycle systems like enrolment, financial aid, alumni relations system etc.

Analytics & Reporting

  • Instrumentation of student and faculty actions for analytic
  • TIN Can API integration
  • Extensive dashboards for faculty to monitor student’s progress
  • Retention tools for faculty & counsellors
  • Faculty performance monitoring
  • Title IV compliance reporting including attendance, academically related activities (ARA) etc.
  • Audit trail reports

Classroom Operations

  • Classroom scheduling ­ class splitting, faculty scheduling
  • Class extension
  • Roster management

Security & Compliance

  • ADA compliance
  • FERPA compliance
  • SSO and authentication
  • Authorization and access control


  • Support for cloud based and on­-premise architecture
  • Providing scalable and high­-availability architecture
  • Enabling mobile multi­-screen support
  • Micro­-service based architecture

Customer Success at The largest online University in the world


The client was facing growing challenges with their legacy learning systems straining to keep pace with the rapidly evolving technology disruptions in the education space. As the established leader in online education, they chose to race ahead of the pack by building a state-of-the-art learning platform that addresses the following strategic business needs:

  • Personalized, measurable and data-driven learning paths for students to improve their learning outcomes
  • Scalability to support the growth in student base as well as to fulfill the strategic business goal to build and offer a EaaS (education as a service) platform to the Higher Ed market.

Impelsys was chosen as a partner for this major initiative.


The main technical challenges involved in the project were:

  • The Platform should support a large user base.
  • Multi-tenancy platform configurable for multiple business rules across multiple academic units.
  • Seamless integration with disparate systems like Student Information Systems, Financial Systems, 3rd part learning tools etc.
  • Agile deployment to ensure rapid and continuous roll out.
  • Seamless migration without business continuity challenges.
  • Real time collection and analysis of massive datasets.
  • Architecting an infrastructure to accommodate the elastic computing needs of the learning platform.


As a strategic partner, Impelsys was a key contributor across the value chain from design to deployment of an optimal solution that squarely met the above challenges. A multi-skilled team of 150+ members was deployed, both onsite and offshore, to deliver this solution.

The main features of the solution are:

  • Architected from ground-up to accommodate the challenges of multi tenancy at the Data as well as the Application layers
  • Deployed a hybrid cloud solution that responds rapidly to the changing work loads
  • A micro services architecture that is:
    • Independently deployable
    • Conducive to rapid development across geographically separated locations.
    • Independently scalable
    • Flexible enough for adoption of new technology to be accelerated
  • Developed a syllabus customizable at student level
  • Designed and deployed an authoring tool to support versioning and workflows
  • Compatibility with industry standards like LTI, SCORM etc.
  • Deployed a highly scalable and customizable data collection framework and an analytical engine to dynamically gather student interactions and learning behavior