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Infrastructure services

Cloud and on-­premise services across the full stack of infrastructure.

Core areas of expertise

  • Design and development of databases
  • Installation and Upgrades (clustered databases)
  • Building Backup and Recovery strategies
  • Maintenance & Troubleshooting of all issues related to databases.
  • Maintaining SLA based performance levels
  • Building and managing Disaster Recovery databases.
  • Developing and setting up monitoring solutions.
  • DevOps – deployment and automation
  • Infrastructure architecture services
  • Security and Intrusion detection



  • Dedicated competency center
  • Capability to deliver DBA services around the globe.
  • Experienced teams versatile in complex database structures/technologies.
  • Full Lifecycle Services
  • Expertise in monitoring tools like Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid/Cloud control, Nagios, Cacti etc.


  • RDBMS : MySQL, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server
  • NoSQL : MongoDB, Hadoop, CouchBase, Cassandra
  • DevOps: Chef, Puppet, OpenStack

Customer Success at The largest online University in the world

The client has a large infrastructure of over 120 Oracle databases and 100 MySQL DBs. These Databases being mission critical, they wanted a capable partner to commit to their stringent SLAs. Impelsys was chosen as a key partner.

Key contributions made by Impelsys

  • A comprehensive Analysis and Optimization led to saving 40 TB of storage.
  • Performance tuning for Critical Applications.
  • Planned and re-configured Dataguard during a critical relocation of the Disaster Recovery site
  • Upgraded monitoring from OEM11g to OEM 12c.
  • Reduce backup time of 74 TB database from 5 days to 26 hours. Also, implemented incremental backups to further reduce backup time.
  • Removal of node from oracle RAC servers during reconfiguration of servers.
  • Troubleshooting all kind of issue related to cluster, database, monitoring from generic DB issue to cluster issues, agent issues and dataguard issues.
  • Ensure all DBs meet SOX compliance.
  • Setting up/installation of Percona (MySQL) server.
  • Setting up up slave servers for all master mysql instances.
  • Migration of myql DBs from AWS to the client’s Cloud Platform.
  • Monitoring MySQL servers using Newrelic and Splunk
  • Customized scripts for monitoring and for reporting of MySQL servers.
  • Integrated PAM authentication for MySQL servers to enforce password policies to meet SOX compliance.
  • During system test for MYSQL applications, there was a gap of 6 hours after each test to cleanup DBs. Reduced the duration after each test for cleanup of databases from 6 hours to 10 mins by writing customized scripts which significantly improved the number of test per day and unblocked QA resources.
  • Golden Gate monitoring – setting up GG for MySQL to MySQL and mysql to oracle replication.