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Courseware Development Services

Core Areas Of Expertise In Courseware Development Services

A wide solution set is a reflection of Impelsys’ domain expertise in all aspects of the content transformation that Impelsys provides to publishers and education providers globally. Impelsys supports the entire spectrum of the publishing life-cycle through content conversion, ancillary development and content injection / enrichment. Impelsys’ expertise, innovation and tools help reduce operational costs and create engaging content to drive content adoption.

  • Digital Content Transformation
  • Ancillary Development
  • Development of Rich Media
  • Content Enhancement through Interactive modules
  • Digital First Approach
  • Automation to drive transformation efficiency

Impelsys, through its leading role in providing SaaS solutions to publishers, has built expertise in content conversion, e-book development, ancillary content creation and enriching the content through content injection and embedded media.

Through proven and cost-effective XML-enabled publishing strategies, Impelsys help publishers to adopt operational strategies that help them keep pace with the digital innovation in publishing and meet their organization objectives. Through automation and adoption of Digital First approach, Impelsys brings unparalleled advantage to the publisher by enabling their quick go-to-market digital strategy and significantly reducing operational costs of content conversion.

A dedicated online dashboard allows publishers to track the status of their projects being executed by Impelsys and communicate with the Impelsys staff  in real-time to provide feedback and get status updates.


  • HTML 5 with CSS3 & Javascript
  • Perl
  • VBA
  • XSLT
  • JavaScript

10 best things our Content Services can do for you

  • Image Banks
  • Interactive Atlas
  • Documents
  • Simulations
  • Power-point Presentations
  • Question Banks
  • Flash Cards
  • Figure Labelling Exercises
  • Audio Glossary
  • Videos/Animations

Case Study

Client profile
The Client is one of the top publishing companies in Europe and one of the top publishers of fiction and nonfiction titles in Italy. Their activities also include advertising, digital, radio, retailing and direct marketing. On the educational front, their textbooks have been widely adopted for classroom activities and interactive assessments.

Impelsys have been providing wide range of services to client for the past 5 years, working on multiple projects at a time. For two major projects that were deemed critical by the Client, Impelsys has setup a dedicated team of content engineers – a Digital Factory model – to bring razor focus on execution of these projects.

The first of the two projects was to digitize their entire collection of the back list titles where just hard copies were available. The goal of the project was to digitize the content as well as to have the titles created. The key success criteria was to bring in significant process automation in the digitization workflow.

Through the use of variety of tools developed by Impelsys Content Engineers, the benefits of using the cutting-edge technologies was apparent. The process automation enabled creating various digital outputs with a single click of a mouse, thereby helping keep the overall cost down went a long way in meeting the key success criteria. An extension to this project allowed the ebooks to be distributed to various distribution channels along with all metadata on the fly.

The second project required scanning and processing high quality images deemed invaluable as they make up most of the collection of the Italian History. The images, available in different forms like old B&W photos and color films, were scanned and carefully processed individually for color corrections and eliminating scratches & blemishes caused over time. The process involved using high resolution scanners including Drum Scanners to first scan the images and then individually apply corrections to each image.

Impelsys is proud to have played a small role in helping preserve Italy’s historical artifacts.

Courseware Solutions

From building simple online courses to developing rich, interactive online courses that include simulations, assessments and adaptive learning paths, Impelsys has done it all.

Rich Content, Richer Experience

Impelsys Content Engineers specialize in building interactive ancillary content that adds a punch to simple reading material. Utilizing its experts in the field of Cognitive Science & Learning, Impelsys helps transform simple reading material into smart learning resource, ready to be deployed on any eLearning Solution.

Smart Workflows

With Impelsys, creating online courses is not just about converting the content from one format to the other. Learning is to help a student become smarter, so we believe the content should be intelligent, interactive and adaptive, and should interact with the smart Learning Solution to adapt to a student’s cognitive abilities.

Our content workflows ensure just that – building knowledge graphs and allowing content to become granular to enable the Learning Solutions to offer dynamic learning paths to the students. All this is possible through semantic enrichment, knowledge graphs and adaptive tagging in the content.


  • Instructional and Learning Goal
  • Learners Needs and Skills
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Instructional Media
  • Project Goal and Scope of Work


  • Instructional Goals
  • Instructional Objectives
  • Duration of Courseware
  • Recommended Instructional Media
  • Instructional Strategy
  • Storyboards
  • Client Signoff


  • Lesson Plans
  • Additional resources with links to online resource and recommended reading
  • Exercises, Case studies, Tests/Assessments
  • Additional Multimedia/Interactive Ancillaries