Here’s how EdTech tools can enhance the learning process

EdTech is basically application of technology in education. This means that EdTech involves developing, implementing and managing technological processes and resources to improve pedagogy or learning.

Technology has now become a part and parcel of our everyday lives. There is no domain technology hasn’t touched upon and education is no exception. But there has been a long ongoing debate on whether technology is a boon or a bane. When it comes to our daily lives, the debate has already lost its edge as almost everybody has embraced technology without hesitation and the minority who haven’t are frowned upon and classified as technophobes.

Education industry has realized what technology can offer and is now willing to incorporate technological elements in the learning process. Since the number of pros easily outnumbers the cons of technological application in education, every educational institution should get ready to catch up with the times and welcome technology with open arms. Here’s how EdTech tools improve the learning process:

  • Storehouse of knowledge: The advent of internet has made available an expanse of educational resources that both students and teachers can utilize to increase their knowledge. Also the knowledge from credible websites is not confined to a single perspective or demography, thus, giving the students an opportunity to explore for themselves from a variety of knowledge sources.

  • Collaboration of ideas: Teachers can communicate with other teachers from around the world in no time and identify the drawbacks of their works, refine and offer students only the best.

  • Eliminates the age limit: With technology students have immediate access to a wide variety of quality informational material that let them learn by themselves no matter how young or old they are.

  • Learning made available anytime, anywhere: Students no longer need to attend educational institutions the traditional way to get their degrees. Online courses make it possible for students to do the courses they love from anywhere in the world with the help of a computer and the internet.

EdTech tools are not only beneficial to students and teachers but also to parents, as parents get the opportunity to instantly interact with teachers and view the results and progress of their child by using online tools.